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Wonderland Woods

Wonderland Woods


Alice in Wonderland

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Wonderland Woods is the first level of the Alice in Wonderland World.

Part 1Edit

You'll discover different things, much like you did in the Pirates of the Caribbean world. The Bots here are dressed up as the Red Queen's men. You need four chess pieces to open the gates. Make sure you've found all the Drink Me Bottles and collected the Gold. After getting four chess pieces, a Brute will stop you. Kill him and then exit the level.

Part 2Edit

This is the second part of Wonderland Woods. You must make bridges by using Pocket Watches. You also need a spoon to destroy the teacups. This part introduces a new Bot - the Roto. Avoid him when he's spinning by staying out of his path. When he tries to slam his ball, press the Use button to stun him. You must build some spider webs to make bridges and then exit the level.

Part 3Edit

The first part is tricky, because you might fall off a ledge, making you re-spawn. Step on the switches to lower the party horns. You need a candle to heat up a teapot Bring a spoon to the sugar cubes to make a catapult. Kill the Fodder and use the catapult to destroy the teacups. You might need a pocket watch from the first area to save time. While you are in the next area, be ready to kill lots of Fodder. Stop them from building a cannon trap. Bring a pocket watch to cut off a cake roll. Put the pocket watch by a present to open an alcove and get a key. Bring it to a chest carrying a Blue star. Bring a candle to the teapot to get another spoon. Bring it to a saltshaker to make a catapult. Now you have to face a Roto and its Fodder friends. Keep your distance while the Roto is spinning and then hit him until he starts attacking. After defeating the waves, jump onto the handle of the spoon to fire sugar cubes at the teapot. Walk into the other area and destroy the catapults. Bots are throwing bombs. Avoid them when they explode. After killing the Bots, walk into the guest to unlock the Barbossa costume. Play the three levels again to unlock the Rafiki costume.