Transformers it's a world who appears in Disney Universe 3 Based on: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Number of levels: 3 Cost: 200 gold New York it's a first level. Defeat the Fodders, protect Bumblebee with help from Optimus Prime and defeat Quake Paris it's a second level. Defend the Eiffel Tower from the bad bots,defeat Jazz and defeat Hound Egypt it's a last level. Defeat the waves of the enemies: * Wave 1: Fodder x 9 * Wave 2: Spawner x 2, Bulldog x 1 * Wave 3: Roto x 4 * Final Wave: HeavyBot 2.0 Defend the people from the Bad Bots with help from good bots and defeat Megatron Bots: this world the bots are dreesed like Decepticons

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