the increíbles is a world in the third game based in the Pixar animated film only available in the xbox360 wii ps3 and pc

based on pixar no 6

number of levels 3

cost 2000 gold

Levels .

metroville is the first location of the world the guests save a cat caught on a tree and a defeat a tankinator aperrads and defeat the omnidroid

nomanisan island is the second location in this level the guests pick up kronos balls and power up the exit and defeat the boss syndrome

great waterfall is the third location and the final level in the third game in this level the guest pick up qater cups and power up the lake ocean of water


in this world the bots are dressed as the syndrome minions


nomanisan island canon

this cannon use to jump the water

great water cups

this object to jump the small obstacles

omnidroid components

this are component for rastred the omnidroid