1000px-Disney Universe-Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Based On

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Stop Motion Animation)

Number of Levels




The Nightmare Before Christmas World is a world only available on PlayStation and Xbox as you have to download it, and pay to download it. There is only one level and that is Graveyard.



The Halloweentown Graveyard is where this level is set. You must navigate it by using the different items provided to get to the area where you have to shoot the Bot Monsters in order to free the trapped Guest.


Los Motores de búsqueda En Este Mundo se Visten de Como Las Diferentes Ciudadanos de la ciudad de Víspera de Como Behemoth, momias, monstruos, payasos y Los Murciélagos.


Christmas and Halloween PotionsEdit

Potions are used to turn Halloween items into Christmas and Christmas items into Halloween items.


Pumpkins are used to open areas when they are lit up.

Christmas TreesEdit

Christmas Trees are used to open up gates and portals.

Fog MachineEdit

The Fog Machine is used to clear away any harmful smoke in the way.


Disney Universe Nightmare Before Christmas Official Trailer00:55

Disney Universe Nightmare Before Christmas Official Trailer

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