Lion King

The Lion King

The Lion King

Based On

The Lion King(Disney Animated Feature No.32)

Number of Levels



2000 Gold

The Lion King is one of the original Worlds in the game. The rideable animals available in this world are zebras and warthogs


Lower Pride RockEdit

Lower Pride Rock is the first location your guest will take place. Cranks must be lowered and seeds must be planted.

Elephant GraveyardEdit

Players must navigate the Elephant Graveyard and learn how to play the Bone Organs. There are various hazards, such as bottomless pits and steam.

Upper Pride RockEdit

In the final level, players must take back the ruined Pride Lands from the evil Mechanical Scar.

Guests zacuEdit


In this world, the Bots are dressed up as different animals, such as hyenas (played by Fodders), giraffes (played by Brutes), antelope (played by Roto), vultures (played by Flying Fodders), Cape buffalo (played by Spawner), and zebras (played by Bulldogs).



Once grown, these can be made into steps to higher places.

Water bombsEdit

These can be used to make plant grow or to put out fires.


These can be used to destroy targets.

Human CannonEdit

This can be used to get to higher places.


This can be used to make rocks move when pressed on. They can sometimes be made into an organ.


These can be use to alter the path of lava. It is also usable for the battle with the Volcano.


This is used to raise or lower platforms.



Disney Universe Episode 2 Lion King World Trailer (HD)

Disney Universe Episode 2 Lion King World Trailer (HD)