Team Fortress 2 it's a world basaed in game.

Red Headquartes

It's a first level. Defeat the fodders, capture the flag from the bad Bots and figth against Pyro blue

Abandoned Fortress

It's a second level. Defeat Roto, fight in a duel of death to death and figth against DemoMan blue

Blue Castle

It's a last level. Defeat the Flyning Fodders, capture the flag from the bad Bots again and fight against Heavy blue

Bots: This world, the bots has dressed up has red troops and blue troops

Fodder as Soldier

Brute as Heavy

Flyning Fodder as Pyro (With wings and Medic without wings)

Roto as DemoMan

Bulldog as Sentry

Spawner as Spy

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