Sonic colors is a world based on the Videogame in the second game. Based on: Sonic Colors Number of levels: 7 Cost: 900 gold

Tropical Resort is the first level, defeats the fodders, learns the skills of the wisps and defeats the Rotatatron

Sweet Mountain is the second level, Protect Yacker from the bad bots with the help of Blaze, learn the new abilities of the Yellow Wisp and defeat Captain Jelly

Starlight Carnival. It is the third level, defeats the Bulldog, learns the abilities of Nega Wisp and defeats the Orc Frigate

Planet Wisp. It's the fourth level. Defeat the fodders, protect Cream from the Flying Fodders with the help of Amy Rose and defeat Drillinator

Aquarium Park. It is the fifth level. Defeat the Bulldog again, protect Charmy from Brute with the help of Tails and defeat the Admiral Jelly

Asteroid Coaster. It is the sixth level. Face the enemies in a sand, protect Chao from a Bulldog with the help of Shadow and defeat the Skullian Frigate

Terminal Velocity. It is the final level, escapes the bad bots, avoids cheating during the race and defeats the Egg Nega Wisp

Bots: In this world, the bots have been dressed like the Badniks

Fodder as Egg Pawn

Flying Fodder as Buzzer

Brute as Egg Pawn Ogre

Roto as Sniper Bot

Bulldog as Buster

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