Queen Anne's Revenge, Pirates

Pirates of The Carribean

Pirates of The Caribbean

Based On

Pirates of The Caribbean: On Strangers Tide (Live Action Film)

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Pirates of the Caribbean is the first world played as it is the only one already unlocked at the start of the game. This is because its first level acts as a Tutorial for the game.



London is the first location. Here, the game gives you tutorials. This is the introduce of the Standard Fodder and Flying Fodder. The guest must destroy them. If the guest doesn't, they will kill the guest. The guest will re-spawn. After re-spawning, the guest will lose his money. The guest must build bridges and extinguish flames during the final level. The pirate ship fires cannonballs. Aim the targets to destroy them. The ship summons enemy ships that contain Fodder.

Queen Anne's RevengeEdit

The Queen Anne's Revenge is the second location. The guest must use Triton's Sword (Blackbeard's weapon) to bring stuff to life. The guest also must destroy the pirate ship. During the cabin, the Queen Anne's Revenge will tilt and the cannon will kill the guest in a hit.

Fountain of YouthEdit

The Fountain of Youth is the last location. Water can kill the guest if he isn't a zombie, which is a crewman of the Queen Anne's Revenge. Spears can also cause an instant death. The guest must ride the ducks to build bridges. In the final level, the guest fights a boss called The Mermaid. The mermaid blows explosive kisses and start doing shockwaves by pounding with her tail. The guest must fire at her and place a total of eight teardrops in the fountain. However, the mermaid will move onto another location.



In this world, the Bots are dressed as members of the Royal Navy.



This can be used to fire at targets. There are two types, one with wheels that can move anywhere and one's that are fixed to one position.

Trition's SwordEdit

This is used in Queen Anne's Revenge to bring the ship to life.


This can be used to raise and lower platforms.

Cursed fireEdit

Cursed fires can be used in Fountain of Youth level so your character can survive under water as they are zombies. However, you cannot push cannons or jump as a zombie as VIC said in the strategy guide.

Mechanical DucksEdit

Mechanical Ducks could be used to float on the water and as a cannon to destroy targets.


  • Despite being called Pirates of the Caribbean, this world only focuses on the fourth film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger's Tide.
  • On the concept art, there is a Standard Fodder as Maccus and a Brute as a Skeleton.



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