Peter Pan (World)

Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Based On

Peter Pan (Disney Animated Feature No 13)

Number of Levels


The Peter Pan World is a world only available on Playstation and Xbox as you have to download it,, and pay to download it. There is only one level and that is Indian Village.


Indian VillageEdit

In this level, platers must navigate the Indian Village and then attack Tick Tock the Crocodile.


The Bots in this level are dressed as Pirates from Captain Hook's Crew.


Fairy DustEdit

This can be used to create Fairy Trails so you can fly to high ledges.

Bow and ArrowEdit

This is used to shoot down baloons.


These can be used to creat staris out of steam or to inflate a baloon.

Air MachineEdit

This can be used to fire air and at gates or blocks with the air symbol on them so they can be destroyed.

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