Monsters Inc
Monsters, Inc.

Based On

Monsters, Inc. (Pixar Film No. 4)

Number of Levels



2000 Gold

Monsters, Inc. is one of the original worlds.


Monster TrainingEdit

In this level, player must get through Monster Training and learn how to use the doors.

High in the HimalayasEdit

In this level, players have to explore the place where Sulley and Mike were banished to in the first film. You might even meet the Abominable Snowman.

Door FactoryEdit

In this level, players must navigate their way through the Door Factory.



The Bots in this world are dressed as members from CDA.


Power CellsEdit

These can be used to power up devices.

Snow ConesEdit

These can be used to give to the Abominable Snowman.


This is used to melt ice quickly.


This is used to raise or lower platforms.

Door PiecesEdit

These can be used to make doors.


This can be used to fire at targets.

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