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Fountain of Youth Part 3



The unnamed Mermaid is the first boss in the final level of the Fountain of Youth.

In the GameEdit

In the game, the guest must fire at the evil Mermaid and then collect her tears. The mermaid also fights back by doing shockwaves or shooting explosive kisses as VIC said in the Strategy Guide. Only when the guest has a total of eight tears, the trapped guest is able to be freed and the mermaid disappears.

Physical AppearenceEdit

The Mermaid has short, dark green hair and a large, oversized head and arms. She dresses in a purple top and her fishtail is covered in dark green scales and her fins are bright green. She is quite large in size. Unlike the mermaids of mythology and Whitecap Bay, she is not very beautiful or enchanting.


The Mermaid seems very cowardly and she uses others to fight for her and will only attack at a safe distance. The Mermaid is flirty and will often be seen blowing kisses. The Mermaid will easily cry when she gets hurt and swims away crying.

Forms of AttackEdit

The Mermaid uses pirate minions to defend herself. These minions will swarm the player and will appear when you try to attack her or after you harmed the mermaid. Using her fishtail, the Mermaid creates shockwaves by slamming her tail on her rock and she shoots explosive kisses that take the form of flying pink hearts that explode when they hit the ground.

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