League of Super Evil it's a world has been bought like the tutorial in the third game.

Based on: League of Super Evil

Number of levels: 3

Cost: 0 gold

House of villains. It's a first level. Here the games gives you tutorials. This the introduce of the Fodder and the Flying Fodder. The Guest must them. If the Guest doesn't, they will kill the Guest. The Guest must re-spawn. After re-spawning, the Guest will lose his money. Create the traps and protect Doomageddon from the bad Bots and defeat the Brute, the Roto and the Bulldog. Residential Area. It's a second level. The Guest used the Villain superpowers book to do a lesson.

MetroTown. It's a last level. The Guests goes up the roof. They cant fight the first boss

Bots: In this world, the bots are dressed like Super Hero members.


Traps These objects are perfect for protecting Doomageddon

Villain superpowers book This can be used to do a lesson.

Voltamobile. Shoot eggs to the first boss during the third part

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