LarryBoy: the Cartoon Adventures

Based On

LarryBoy: the Cartoon Adventures (Big Idea)

Number of Levels



0 Gold

LarryBoy: the Cartoon Adventures is the first world played as its the only one already unlocked at the start of the second game. This is because its first level acts as a Tutorial for the second game.



The LarryCave is the first location. Here, the game gives you tutorials. This the introduce of the Standard Fodder and the Flying Fodder. The Guest must destroy them. If the Guest doesn't, they will kill the Guest. The Guest must re-spawn. Afrer re-spawning, the Guest will lose his money. The Guest must drive vehicles and fix the underground lair during the final level. The bots might attack the Guests. Defeat them after getting out of the vehicle. The Fodders assembled because of the security camera.defeat a roto motato and a brute fib.


Bumblyburg is the second location. The Guests used the Superhero Handbook to do a lesson.

Downtown Bumblyburg

Downtown Bumblyburg is the last location. The Guest goes up the roof. They can fight the first boss.


En Este Mundo, los robots de hijo vestidos de Como Miembros de Supervillanos.



This is a super vehicle. This can be used for driving and transforming.

Super Suction Ears

This can be used to shoot plungers.

Super Hero Handbook

This can be used to do a lesson.

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