Level Unlocked

Agrabah Palace


600 Gold

Levels Featured

Cave of Wonders Part 3, Streets of Agrabah Part 3, Agrabah Palace Part 3



Jafar is the main villain from the film Aladdin. The Jafar costume can be unlocked after the second completion of Agrabah Palace.

In the LevelsEdit

Jafar only appears in four levels in the Aladdin world in three locations:

Cave of WondersEdit

Jafar steals the genie lamp and causes a wave of lava after sending Fodders. In the end, Jafar arrives sending a Roto and its friend.

Streets of AgrabahEdit

Jafar first sends Fodders and cobra statues. They must be destroyed. Jafar also appears near the end to send more mini-bosses, create more cobra statues, drop more coal, and cause a rock shower.

Agrabah PalaceEdit

In the second level, Jafar challenges the player by sending bots and a spinning bar. In the final Aladdin level, Jafar turns into a giant cobra.


  • Jafar is the one of two characters that are in a costume. The other is the Red Queen.

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