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Inside the Red Castle Part 3



Jabberwocky is the boss in the level Inside the Red Castle.

In the GameEdit

The final Alice in Wonderland level takes place against the Jabberwocky. To find it, you must find its claw. Start off by killing the enemies. A Jabberwocky will come up. Don't walk to the wall or he'll kill you. The Jabberwocky has a few attacks. It can send shockwaves. If you slam the claw, a target will appear. Throw a bomb at the claw to destroy it. Use the same strategy at the other claw. Next, the Jabberwocky has attacks aside from shockwaves. It will blow an energy beam. Jump over it or you're dead. Throw a bomb at each target on its legs. Next, the Jabberwocky will lay down. Throw some bombs at him and it reveals a target. Throw a bomb to kill the Jabberwocky.

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