Indian Village

Indian Village

Indian Village


Peter Pan

Level Number


Indian Village is the first and only level of the Peter Pan World.

Part 1Edit

In the first part, you have to get to the teleport to the next part and then use the explosive barrels to unblock the teleport.

Part 2Edit

In the second part, you need to get to the lake and then drain it using a balloon.

Part 3Edit

In the final part, you have to rescue the trapped guest from Tick Tock the Crocodile who swallowed the guest earlier. Rescue Wendy first and then Mr. Smee in the second play


  • This is the first and only level to feature 2 videos. The first is at the start of the level like all of the other levels. However, the second is before Part 3 which shows Tick Tock the Crocodile eating the trapped guest.
  • In the background, Skull Rock and The Jolly Roger can be seen

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