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HEX is the main Villian in the game.

Intro and FinaleEdit

He is first seen in the intro for the game where he is seen taking over Disney Universe and saying it's now his Universe aswell as taking over VIC. He is last seen singing a rock version of It's a Small World before he leaves.

In The LevelsEdit

In multiplayer, HEX Powerups can be used which includes abomb head, a boot, a basketball and a chicken. He is also seen at the start of each level during the loading screen mocking VIC's tips and help.


Hex was not found in the game Disney Universe , he was found by a French Military in a imagination of Worlds,no one is looking for HEX. Hex used to live with a Japanese civilian in the  Caribbean.

HEX used force by unleashing a Imperial Army and a Imperial Wizard from 900988887766555443332112223 Centuries ago.  The General Boto was one of HEX's Lackeys in Service and a Imperial Empire wanted to overthrow Hex and win.

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