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Aladdin, WALL-E, Jack Sparrow, Nemo, Alice Tron, Mike, Stitch, The Lone Ranger, LarryBoy, Pac Man, and Elsa


October 29th, 2016

Guests is the upcoming 2016 game starring Aladdin, WALL-E, Jack Sparrow, Nemo, Alice, Tron, Mike, Stitch, The Lone Ranger, LarryBoy, Pac Man, and Elsa

Introduction and FinaleEdit

The game begins with the Guests created in the pehistoric era evolving before finding a tour guide. On accident, they deafeated their tour guides (which are the T-rex, the caveman, the pharaoh, the vampire, the napoleon, and the pirate captain). They ended up in the desert from 1993-1997 singing Home on the Range and then, the Guests got tired. Aladdin, WALL-E, Jack Sparrow, and Nemo can go on an adventure. Alice, Tron, Mike, and Stitch got chosen to go with them and The Lone Ranger, LarryBoy, Pac Man, and Elsa did not. They got trained now and their time has come. In 1998, the Guests got to Saturn. There was an unnamed cube that was their tour guide. The unnamed cube and  the Guests flew to Jupiter. At the end of the game, the unnamed cube got frozen by someone and the Guests found their new tour guide VIC (short for Virtual Information Cube). The Guests play their instruments while VIC sings It's a Great World before they do the original game, Disney Universe.


  • The guests are going to defeat the Greek empire, but it was cut due to the game time.

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