Ghostbusters is a world of the second game.
Based on: Ghostbusters
Number of Levels: 3
Cost: Free

Ghostbusters Headquarters. It's the first level, defeat the fodders, catch the ghosts and defeat Silmer

Time Squares. It is the second level. Defeat the fodders, protect the Ecto 1 with a turret to defeat the Giant Rhinoceros and defeat Mayhem

Rooftops of New York. It is the last level. Catch the ghosts, defeat a bulldog dog of horror and defeat the marshmallow man

Bots: In this world, the bots have dressed like ghosts.

Fodder as Ghost

Flying Fodder as Mayhem

Brute as a Marshmallow Man

Roto as Slimer

Bulldog as Horror Dog

Spawner as Ghost

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