Faulty Door
Faulty Door

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Door Factory Part 3



The Faulty Doors are the main bosses in the level Door Factory. They keep the player away from the guest.

In the GameEdit

In the game, players must destroy the Faulty Doors. They must avoid the projectiles thrown from the door before grabbing the door, using the arrows on the floor, to get rid of it.

Defeating the Faulty Doors

Turn the yellow, faucet-like wheel in the top left corner of the arena clockwise to lower the door rack until you're stopped by a green Faulty Door that becomes active.

Avoid the Faulty Door's projectiles unti it becomes dormant for a short time.

When dormant, press on the arrow buttons in the top center of the arena to position the pair of the side door grips under the Faulty Door. Then press the square button between the arrow buttons for the grips to grab the Faulty Door and be sent to the wood grinder to get rid of it.

There are four Faulty Doors to destroy.

Faulty Doors' Projectiles

1st Faulty Door: One Laser

2nd Faulty Door: Snow Balls

3rd Faulty Door: Magma Balls

4th (Final) Faulty Door: Three Lasers

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