Disney Universe 3 it's a third game similar to previous Disney Universe games. Introduction and Finale The game begins introduced VIC and the guests goes the virtual worlds. The Bots turned bad and LUX tooks over VIC. In the finale, VIC and LUX are talking to each other when VIC is congratulating the Guests. The Bots play their instruments and LUX sings It's a Long World before he leaves.


  • The Spider no appears in the third game
  • Unnamed Cube, the villain from the upcoming game no appears in the third game
  • The release date is April 14, 2018
  • In the TGS trailer of 2017, including some new mechanics called 2 allies and allies limit. It presents new levels of the worlds:

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Festival of the Fools, Catacombs and Cathedral Square

Final Fantasy: Cliff, Lake Bresha and the Cradle of the Orphan

Tarzan: The Jungle, the Camp and Crisis of the Jungle

Annoying Orange: The Kitchen, Frutondom and Ancient Greece