Curses are Power-Ups given by HEX cubes in Disney Universe in multiplayer mode.

In the GameEdit

During some stages, HEX will appear giving a curse to the guests. Touching it will give you a different curse. You can't tell which curse you'll get, much like a VIC cube when you get a power-up.

Below here is a table of curses.

Curse Effect
Basketball Turns you into a basketball that bounces around the area and can perform slam attacks.
Bomb Head Turns your head into a bomb that explodes after sever seconds. You can press the Attack button to make it explode when you want it to.
Chicken You've turned into a chicken. You can attack other players and enemies by pecking.
Dizzy Controls There's a box over your head and your controls are inverted for a short time.
Evil Boot You've turned into a boot. You can attack other players and enemies by kicking.
Fat Guy You get large and stomp the ground when jumping and attacking, which can damage other players and enemies.
Hamburger Head Your head is a hamburger and there is a pair wind-up teeth. Stay away from them or you'll die.
Jack in the Box You're a box with legs. Press the Attack button to spring the lid and reveal either a coin or bomb.
Lightning Strike A cloud forms over your head. If there is no player or enemy nearby, you'll take damage from the thunderbolt. Get close to other players and enemies to hit them.
Monkey You've turned into a toy monkey. Use the cymbals on your hands to attack enemies and other players.

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