Cave of Wonders

Cave of Wonders

Cave of Wonders



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Cave of Wonders is the first location of the Aladdin World.

Part 1Edit

This is the first part of the Cave of Wonders. The magic is strong, so you must use a lantern or a Scarab can attract the ground. Sometimes, you must put a scarab piece into it. Get the gold and find more pieces to attract a lot of scarabs. Use the lantern to illuminate invisible bridges so you can cross if there is no scarab. After uncovering, you must fight a Roto and his Fodder friends. After killing the Roto, put a scarab into place andan arcade will appear. Get the last gem and exit the level.

Part 2Edit

First, you must return a ruby to a monkey statue after killing lots of Fodder. You must use a lantern to build traps. Bring another ruby to a statue and get a gem. You can get the lanterns before the other Guests do get the lanterns if you want all the gold. You must put a ruby to a statue to lower some stones. After that, you must fight a Bulldog. Stay out of his way by avoiding his charge attack and then kill him. Put a ruby to let a challenge come out. Jump on the platforms to reach another area. You must use a lantern to move to another area with a ruby and a gem.

Part 3Edit

This is the last part in the Cave of Wonders. Destroy the Cobra Statue and get the first gem (you must be quick, because you only have a chance to get it by jumping on the collapsing rocks). After you walk up the ramp to find the Genie Lamp, Jafar will steal it and will cause a giant wave of lava. Avoid the falling rocks and pillars, along with the boulders. Find a key and open a chest to get a Blue Star and avoid the lava. Attract a scarab to get a gem. Jump over the spike traps, because you don't have time to destroy them. If you want to choose Path B, get a lantern by the arcade game and get all the gold as you go, avoiding the spike traps. In Path A, pick up a ruby without dying all the way to the exit.

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