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Bulldog is an enemy and the third mini-boss of the game.

In the GameEdit

Bulldogs first appear in the world of Monsters, Inc. in the second Monster Training level. After all enemies are defeated in place, a Bulldog will appear. The Bulldog isn't hard to beat. The Bulldog will swipe the guest if he is close to it. Next, the Bulldog will charge into the guest. The guest must jump to avoid his attack. Finally, the Bulldog will attempt to grab the guest. If it grabs the guest, the guest must press the Use button to get off his mouth. When the Use button appears when it runs, the guest must press it to stun the Bulldog. It is best to use Slam attacks to beat the Bulldog quickly or use a VIC cube.


The Bulldog wears different costumes in each other world:

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