Blue stars

Blue Stars

The Blue Stars are collectables in the game. They are used to upgrade a Costume, giving them a better weapon, and the maximum amount of stars a Costume can recieve is 4. There is one blue star up for grabs in each part of a level, meaning you can get 3 stars in one level.


Normally the Blue Satrs can be found in a chest in the level. However, sometimes a star isn't a chest but somewhere else. Below is a list of Levels where this happens:

  1. London, Part 2
  2. Inside the Red Castle, Part 1
  3. Abandoned Earth, Part 3
  4. Monster Training, Part 3
  5. Streets of Agrabah, Part 2
  6. Graveyard, Part 2
  7. Suburbs, Part 1 and Part 2

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