Agrabah Palace

Agrabah Palace

Agrabah Palace



Level Number


Agrabah Palace is the last location in the Aladdin World.

Level 1Edit

In the first level, you start in the entrance. Everything gets harder. Fodders come by. Toast them and bring the performers to open the swords. Bars are harder. If the bar hits the player, he is dead. It's as hard to be in this area, like you did in Streets of Agrabah.

Level 2Edit

In the second level, you start in another area. In the start, swords are placed by Jafar. Jafar sends alot of enemies. So you gotta toast them. After a few seconds, Jafar sends more and more enemies, as well as a bulldog. Kill them by slamming. After a few minutes have passed, the cobra statue is now a spinning bar. If you are hit by the bar, you're dead. You've gotta flip some tiles over. When Jafar hits the cobra with his laser, the bar changes in a different direction. Keep jumping and flip over the dark tiles until you're done. Next, you'll need to pull the handles and flip over the tiles to let all the swords fly away.

Level 3Edit

The final part takes place in the Aladdin world in the Sultan's Palace. Jafar starts off by summoning Fodders. After a few minutes, Jafar will start turning into a large cobra. Jafar shoots lasers by using his eyes. After the first body segment is destroyed, Jafar will come in the area shooting lasers. Jump over its laser or you're dead. Jafar sends a Bulldog and its friends. After you last a few minutes, Jafar will surround himself with swords. Uncover all pictures to remove all swords. Continue attacking the second segment until it is gone. Jafar will do the same thing. You face another Bulldog and its friends. Kill them and uncover a large picture. If you're dead, you'll flip some tiles. Keep attacking Jafar until he collapses. You unlock the Aladdin costume for a reward. Play it again to unlock the Jafar costume.

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