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Axiom Captain's Deck Part 3



AUTO is a wheel robot and the final boss of the Axiom.

In the GameEdit

AUTO first appears in the intro where VIC is telling the guest about Disney Universe. AUTO is controlled by a Brute rather than the Captain during the final level. After activating all the consoles, AUTO will surround himself with lasers after summoning groups of Fodder. The Guest must attack AUTO often. The guest must also activate all the four consoles again after that. AUTO activates two turrets to stop the Guest, so he must jump over the shots. After activating, AUTO will surround himself with lasers and will rotate by firing a big laser. Touching it causes an instant death. After avoiding the turrets, the guest must take some hit on AUTO. In addition, AUTO will fire a large shockwave, so the guest must jump over it. After that, AUTO has a new attack after hitting him. He will summon the turrets to block the guest with lasers when he tilts the Axiom. Bombs will roll across the screen, like in the Queen Anne's Revenge, so the guest must avoid them. Finally, AUTO will drop giant boxing gloves to stop the guest. The guest must watch for shadows to avoid them. After defeating AUTO, the guest must deal with the Brute and his Fodder friends and collect all the combo meals.

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